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      3. Digital exhibition hall
        transformation from "product driven" to "data driven" and from "equipment manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing service"
        Digital exhibition hall
        Digital exhibition hall
        Baiyun Electric power distribution equipment exhibition hall (hereinafter referred to as "exhibition hall") is an important part of smart grid power transmission and distribution equipment technology popularization base, which was completed and put into use in 2018, covering a total area of about 1,008 square meters.
        The exhibition hall takes smart grid power transmission and distribution equipment and technology as the core, mainly include: life cycle management system of power supply system, distribution gird automation system, substation automation system, sewage treatment system, energy management system, intelligent high and low voltage switchgear and core components, power electronics and other series of product applications and technical principles, covering power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption. Since 2018, the exhibition hall has participated in hundreds of reception and science popularization activities, attracting more than 2000 visitors from business groups, the public and university groups.
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