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      3. Technological innovation
        Innovation is Baiyun's DNA
        Technological innovation
        Innovation system
        Combined with years of development and exploration, the company has formed a unique innovation environment CMOR model, namely: Innovation Environment = Innovation Culture * Innovation Mechanism * Innovation Organization * Innovation Resources.
        Around the three major innovation modes of "original innovation, integrated innovation, introduction-digestion-absorption-reinnovation", a three-dimensional innovation platform with independent R & D as the core and effective use of domestic and foreign innovation resources has gradually formed.
        Product planning
        The company has a complete product chain and provide comprehensive solutions.
        The company focuses on the field of power energy, from power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution to power consumption, and has a complete product chain. Driven by demand and innovation, the company has formed a comprehensive solution with control system as the core, integrating primary and secondary equipment and power electronics, covering operation and maintenance services, providing users with a full range of comprehensive solutions.
        Integration of informatization and industrialization
        Adhere to the integration mode of "business oriented + digital empowerment", implement digital R & D and support intelligent manufacturing
        Digital R & D: 3D design, simulation analysis, mechanical-electrical integration, full life cycle operation and maintenance, becoming the national, provincial and municipal application demonstration project
        3D design
        Simulation analysis
        Mechanical-electrical integration
        Full life cycle operation and maintenance
        Innovative achievements
        Core competitiveness: technology leading, quality priority
        The company has deep technology precipitation and product R & D capabilities, and has formed technical advantages and innovative achievements.
        There are 15 leading core technologies at home and abroad, hundreds of patented technologies, nearly 100 science and technology progress awards and product honors, including the national science and technology progress special prize, the first and second prizes.
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