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      3. BYEM6、BYEM8
        BYEM6 and BYEM8 series (high breaking) miniature circuit breaker (MCB)
        BYEM6 and BYEM8 series MCB are characterized by advanced structure, reliable performance, high breaking capacity, beautiful appearance and small size. The shell and parts are made of impact resistant and high flame retardant materials. It is suitable for AC 50 Hz, rated working voltage AC230 / 400 V, rated current below 125A. It is mainly used for lighting, overload and short circuit protection, isolation of distribution lines and equipments in the office buildings, residential buildings and similar buildings, and it can also be used as normal line infrequent conversion.
        Features and highlights

        Arrearage trip and payment automatic switch on, prevent stealing electricity;

        High breaking capacity, Icu=10kA;

        Suitable for - 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ working environment;

        Anti strong magnetic interference, modular terminal combination.

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