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      3. XGW
        XGW □ - 12 outdoor ring main unit
        Adopts vacuum switch as opening and closing device, SF6 gas is insulated in the same box, which has compact structure, small floor area and beautiful appearance, and can coordinate with the surrounding environment. Due to the concept of full sealing and full insulation, all high-voltage charged bodies and mechanism parts are completely sealed in the main box, and are not affected by condensation and external pollution environment.
        Features and highlights

        The primary equipment is pre-installed in the factory and, the equipment can be used on site after simple cable connection;

        The layout of "Mu" and "Pin" can save land to the maximum extent for users;

        The shell materials include composite material, GRC, aluminum zinc coated plate, etc. It allows for customized design and the overall appearance is in harmony with the use environment;

        Cooperate with the intelligent environment control system to realize local or remote control and provide a good operation environment for the components in the box;

        The box materials are all antirust materials, which have strong antirust and anti-corrosion ability through special process treatment, so as to ensure the service life of the equipment.

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